After using your Serial Port Splitter software with Split Serial Port configuration, I came to the conclusion: port splitting was not useable for accessing a ham radio transceiver connected to the physical port COM5 from other programs like Ham Radio Deluxe (virtual COM15), CW Skimmer or HDSDR (virtual COM16). It was not stable as was the case with Com-0-Com and several commercial applications, which I tested previously. I uninstalled the software and informed you about it.

After reading the article you mentioned in your email, I wanted to configure your Serial Port Splitter software as Shared Ports for COM5. I configured N1MM contest software and CW Skimmer to use COM5. Magically they appeared under the Shared Ports tree with different PIDs: and I could access my Kenwood or ICOM transceivers.

Port sharing with Serial Port Splitter

I tried it with:

  • Ham Radio Deluxe 6.3.X + HDSDR + CW Skimmer
  • N1MM Plus + HDSDR on SDRplay RSP + CW Skimmer
  • Ham Radio Deluxe + HDSDR on SDRplay RSP + MMTTY

without any problem. Every software accessed my Kenwood transceiver TS-590SG on COM1, 115.200 8N1 (or ICOM transceiver IC-7410 on COM2, 19.200 8N1) and exchanged info like frequency, mode and vice versa from rig to software.

I made all 3 tests with the full license and with the port sharing option. I tried many port splitting software, yours is the only one without any problem or latency. It helps me using logging, contesting, SDR band monitoring, digital mode and CAT software at the same time.

For any questions regarding Fabulatech Serial Port Splitter in ham radio use you can contact me via my page.

73 de Ercan Tuzcular - TA1L

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