Split Serial Ports

Serial Port Splitter allows several serial communications applications to get simultaneous access to serial device plugged to a COM port.

Serial Port Splitter creates the necessary number of virtual COM ports linked to the specified physical COM port. Created virtual serial ports appear as usual hardware COM ports. When virtual serial ports are opened by communications applications correspondingly, data from the physical COM port is sent to all opened virtual COM ports simultaneously. And vice versa, data from each communications application written to a virtual COM port is sent to the physical COM port.

Split COM port data between virtual serial ports

Split a physical COM port into several virtual COM ports. Each virtual serial port appears as the exact copy of a hardware COM port.

Share serial port between several applications

Read/write a single physical COM port by several communications applications simultaneously.

True virtual serial port driver

Virtual serial ports look and work exactly as real hardware serial ports.

Runs as system service

Just configured, virtual serial ports are available at each system startup automatically, even prior to user logon.

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