Serial Port Splitting

This feature allows splitting data of one real serial port among several applications. Program creates virtual serial ports that are exact copies of physical COM port. So dataflow from serial device is split among all created virtual ports.

Using virtual COM port, each application "thinks" that it works with real device connected to physical COM port.

Split Serial Port Example

For example, Serial Port Splitter allows splitting output of GPS tracking system connected to physical COM1 port among several mapping applications (like Microsoft Streets and Trips, DeLorme 3-D TopoQuads, Garmin StreetPilot and others) connected to virtual COM3, COM4, COM5 ports.

Serial Port Sharing

This feature allows several applications (or several copies of one application) to open one physical COM port at the same time.

Sometimes there is a necessity to use old applications developed in such a way that it is aware of only one COM port (mostly COM1). There is a Share feature that is intended to accomplish it. Any physical COM port, being shared, can be opened by several applications simultaneously.

Shared Serial Port Example

Serial Ports Joining

Sometime there is a necessity to write the same data to several serial devices from one application simultaneously. Serial Port Splitter allows you to do that also.

Joined Serial Ports Example
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