In a nutshell

Serial Port Splitter allows you to share one serial port among several applications. This makes possible to access one serial device from several programs simultaneously.

How it works

Serial Port Splitter creates virtual COM ports that are the exact copies of the specified physical port. Now, any program can work with its own virtual serial port not hindering other programs.

Data written to physical COM port get to all the virtual COM ports. And vice versa, the data written to virtual COM ports gets to the physical one.

Split serial ports

This feature allows to create virtual COM ports that are the exact copies of specified physical COM ports. All the data written to physical COM port get to all virtual COM ports. Data written to a virtual COM port get to physical COM port. In such a way, by means of virtual COM ports, several applications can exchange data simultaneously with the same device connected to a physical COM port. At the same time, there is a possibility to configure ports access permissions, COM ports settings and so on.

Shared serial port

It is possible to work with the same COM port without splitting it to several different virtual COM ports. There is a Share feature that is intended to accomplish it. Any physical COM port, being shared, can be opened by several applications simultaneously.

Joined serial ports

In some cases it is necessary to write the same data to several physical COM port from one application. This task can be accomplished using Join feature. The program creates virtual COM port and forwards serial data from it to several physical COM ports.

Additional Information

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