Onboard Navigation PC

My on-Board-Computer is via USB-Port connected with a GPS-Receiver. Last year the GPS-Data are used only for one application, the navigation-software with Digital sea-charts. This year I think to buy another application-software for logging on route. The problem is, only one program at the time can access the GPS-Data without using a second GPS-receiver.

Serial Port Splitter

Looking out by Internet for a software-solution like a GPS-Gate for simultaneously use more than one application, I found the possibility with a Serial-Port-Splitter.

Serial Port Splitting

I have tested 2 products at the moment and I found yours better to solve my problems. Your Serial-Port-Splitter is easy to use and integrate, with a good performance and stability for the applications.

I think you have made a good offer to me.

With best regards
Hans-Peter Klein

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